I'm delighted to be offering a selection of JR Pet Products treats for sale - perfect to reward your pet after their hydrotherapy session! Check out their website for the full range, and let me know if you would like anything added to my next order.  My dogs have tested a number of different treats from JR Pet Products, and thoroughly approve of them all!  I also have a small number of Licki Mats available.


Meat sticks - £2.99 or two packs for £5

Training treats - £3.00

Pate - £1.49

Sausages - £4.99 or two packs for £7

Pizzles - £3.00 each

Liver Sausages - 15 for £3.95, 30 for £5.00

Licki mats - £2.99

20% Off All Treats from 20th Dec - 20th Jan


I use the Groom Professional 'Magic' towels to dry dogs after a hydrotherapy session, and I have some for sale at £4.50.  These towels come with their own container, as they should be kept wet.  They are also great for helping to cool pets during warmer weather.

Canine Magnetix Collars and Coats

You can find out all about this range of collars and coats on the Magnetix website.  I have a small number of collars and coats in stock, but can order other sizes and collars for delivery directly to you.  Both my dogs have the coats, which can also be used to keep them cool in the summer by soaking them.  My older dog, Vinnie, also has one of the collars.

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