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Ripley swimming to his duck toy in the hydrotherapy pool

 Hydrotherapy Pool 

Our swimming pool has a swim area of six metres by two and a half metres.  Entry to the pool is via a ramp, and your dog will be supported throughout.  

Induction session - £50 (includes second session for free)

Ongoing sessions - £30

Discount Options:

Prepay Five Sessions - £145

Prepay Ten Sessions - £275


Eleventh session FREE if you pay as you go (not applicable to fitness sessions)

All offers exclude induction sessions

Vinnie having hydrotherapy in the underwater treadmill

 Underwater Treadmill 

We have a state of the art Tudor Treadmill.  Doors at either end mean that dogs don't need to turn around to exit.

Induction session - £50 (includes second session for free)

Ongoing sessions - £30

Puppy Tor resting on the ramp in the hydrotherapy pool

 Puppy Swims 

What better way to introduce your young dog to water than in our safe, controlled environment? They will be supported throughout the session.

Puppy swim - £16 (12 weeks to 10 months)

What happens during your hydrotherapy session?

Your session at the centre starts with a health check for your dog, letting us get to know each other and allowing them to build trust in me.  As long as no unexpected issues are found, then we will move on to fitting a harness or flotation vest.  The next step is showering - this is the first introduction to water for the dog in the centre, but is also important to warm them up ahead of entering the pool or treadmill.

Your dog will be fully supported whilst entering the pool or treadmill; I will be getting in with them and staying there throughout the session to support them.  They won't be swimming or walking for the entire time they are in the water.  Rather, we work in short sets to get maximum benefit, and also to ensure that they do not overexert themselves.  Swimming or walking in water is hard work!

After their treatment, we head back to the shower to rinse off the water from their treatment.  If you like, you can bring some shampoo for your dog to be used during this post-treatment shower.  Your dog will then be dried off with one of my 'magic' towels!  Please bring an additional towel if you would like to dry them further, and also a drying coat (especially in the colder months!)

Last, and definitely not least, your dog will be paid for his hard work with a treat or two from me!

Harnesses and float coats for hydrotherapy